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CFU: Second Round Review

Posted in North and Central American Football by peterbein on April 20, 2010
Tempête FC logo

Tempête FC had to withdraw from the competition

The Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Club Championship second round has been completed over the last week and “Stoppage Time – International Football Blog” reviews the highs and lows.

Before a ball was kicked in the second round the competition was bugged by many of the administrative problems which had dogged it in the first round. Two Haitian teams, Tempête FC  and Racing de Gonaïves, had trouble obtaining Visas to travel to Puerto Rico where their respective group matches were to be held. But whereas Racing de Gonaïves eventually carried on their participation in the tournament their compatriots Tempête FC had to ultimately withdraw due to further difficulties with bureaucracy. But they weren’t the only team to withdraw from the championship as Surinamese side Leo Victor declined to play because of financial difficulties. Therefore two of the four groups in the second round only had two teams compared to the other groups which both had three teams each. The top team from each group will go on to compete in the final round of the tournament where the four teams will compete for three places in the 2010-11 CONCACAF Champions League tournament.

GROUP E (played in Puerto Rico)

Racing de Gonaïves 0-2 Puerto Rico Islanders

Puerto Rico Islanders 3-0 Racing de Gonaïves

(1. Puerto Rico Islanders 2 games/6 points; 2. Racing de Gonaïves 2 games/0 points)

GROUP F (played in Puerto Rico)

Avenues United 2-5 Bayamón FC

Bayamón FC 3-0 Avenues United

(1. Bayamón FC 2 Games/6 points; 2. Avenues United 2 games/0 points)

GROUP G (Played in Trinidad & Tobago)

San Juan Jabloteh 2-0 Alpha United

Alpha United 1-1 River Plate

San Juan Jabloteh 1-0 River Plate

(1. San Juan Jabloteh 2 games/6 points; 2. River Plate 2 games/1 point; 3. Alpha United 2 games/1 point)

GROUP H (Played in Trinidad & Tobago)

Joe Public FC 5-0 Walking Boys

Walking Boys 2-0 Systems 3

Joe Public FC 3-1 Systems 3

(1. Joe Public FC 2 games/6 points; 2. Walking Boys 2 games/3 points; 3. Systems 3 2 games/0 points)

So the final four will feature two clubs each from Puerto Rico (Islanders; Bayamón FC) and Trinidad & Tobago (Joe Public FC; San Juan Jabloteh) with the games to be played on the dates between May 5-9 in Macoya, situated on the island of Trinidad.

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