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English TV Station Scores Another Own Goal

Posted in Uncategorized by peterbein on June 13, 2010

British commerical station Independent Television (ITV) is once again embarrassed after its coverage of a football match was rudely interrupted by a mis-timed advertisement break. For anybody who missed it, ITV’s coverage of the FA Cup 4th round tie in 2008/09 between Everton and Liverpool was strangely interrupted by some advertisements with three minutes of extra-time still to play. When the station realized its mistake and put the football back on screen millions of viewers were annoyed to find out that they’d just missed out on seeing Dan Gosling’s winner for Everton. See the video here:

Roll on to the 2010 FIFA World Cup match between England and the United States in Rustenburg, South Africa. With just three minutes of the match played viewers watching the game on ITV’s High Definition channel were surprised to see an advertisement interrupt the match coverage. And, as if that weren’t bad enough for ITV, they were again unlucky to re-instate the match coverage just moments after a goal had been scored. Steven Gerrard’s strike came four minutes into the match and, once again, millions of viewers missed it.

Once bitten, twice shy, eh? See the video here:


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