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Europe: Is this the miss of the year?

Posted in European Football by peterbein on November 12, 2010

There are many videos that appear on the internet from time to time which I feel have to be shared with the world at large and I have found another such video today. Following such gems as the famous Icelandic goal celebration and the Moroccan goalkeeping blunder comes what is possibly the miss of the year.

Francis Litsingi is a Congan midfielder currently plying his trade with Hungarian league club Kecskeméti TE and he has found internet notoriety. Featuring in his team’s home match against traditional giants Újpest FC, Litsingi had the chance to make the score 3-1 to Kecskeméti TE with ten minutes of the second half played. However he was to miss an open goal much to his coach’s obvious disappointment. Thankfully for Litsingi, and his coach, Kecskeméti TE went on to win an eventful match by four goals to three but it will be Litsingi’s miss for which the match will mostly be remembered:


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