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Scotland: Attacks on Lennon must stop

Posted in UK Football by peterbein on May 12, 2011

Neil LennonThe attack on Glasgow Celtic coach Neil Lennon by an opposing supporter in Wednesday’s Scottish Premier League match against Heart of Midlothian is the latest in a string of unsavoury incidents that have been directed at the former Northern Ireland international player. Surely now is the time for such ugly personal attacks on Lennon to stop.

It has been well documented in the recent past that Lennon, a lifelong Celtic fan from Northern Ireland, has been the victim of a targeted campaign including death threats, parcel bombs and assaults throughout his career and the latest episode, which took place in Celtic’s 3-0 win over Hearts in the SPL, has completely overshadowed what has been an exciting championship chase between the Bhoys and their Old Firm counterparts Glasgow Rangers.

How much more abuse and personal vitriol Lennon is expected to take is open to question and one wonders whether he will tough it out beyond this season. The attack on him from the Hearts supporter, who was promptly arrested at the scene, was all the more suprising considering he has 24 hour security on the back of the recent discovery just two months ago of a parcel bomb which was intended for him in the post. This incident, therefore, could either be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, thus calling time on Lennon’s insofar brief tenure at the club, or it will drive him on to show his critics that he will continue no matter the provocation. Lennon appears to be, on the surface, a tough nut who has handled most things thrown at him but even the man himself must wonder if it is worth carrrying on given the circumstances.

One hopes, for his sake and for that of Scottish football, that this catalogue of disgraceful incidents will stop before he, or anyone else for that matter, ends up on the receiving end of something truly tragic.

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