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Stoppage Time gains more readers in second year

Posted in Uncategorized by peterbein on December 1, 2011

Today heralds the official second birthday of Stoppage Time – International Football Blog and I am pleased to say that the number of visits to the blog has increased significantly over the last twelve months and I hope that the numbers will rise once again in 2012.

The first year of the blog, going from December 2009-November 2010 saw a decent number of 37,533 visits in its fledgling days. Since December 2010-November 2011 Stoppage Time had a more impressive 53,238 visits, an increase of 15,705 in comparison to its first year. Although these figures may not be as great as many more professional websites I am eternally grateful to all who have taken the time to visit this blog over the last couple of years, whether it may be just one sole visit or whether you’re a regular reader, I would like to express my gratitude to all who have made this blog what it is. After all, as a writer trying to convey a broader context of the game to those who otherwise would not show much interest in the game of football beyond their home shores I am still learning the art of writing but feel that the numbers shown have justified my reasons for getting involved in the Blogosphere in the first place.

I would also like to thank websites such as Soccer Blogs, The Guardian and BBC Sport for providing me with some much needed advertising over the last year or more. Special thanks goes to the BBC’s South American football correspondent Tim Vickery, who once included a link to my blog on one of his consistently fine articles regarding the Brazilian game, which provided my blog with its best ever single day’s figures over the last twelve months. Special thanks also goes to those contributors who have written to me regarding any of my work and whose input I value immensely. Without feedback from readers I would not be able to provide more of what readers would like to see on the blog.

Once again many thanks to all of you and here’s to another great twelve months of football.

Peter Bein

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