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The World in One Pub

Posted in International Football, UK Football by peterbein on June 4, 2010

The Ship & Mitre is Liverpool's premium Real Ale establishment and venue for the World Cup of Beer

For anybody in the city of Liverpool during the FIFA World Cup there is a festival of beer to go alongside the feast of football to be enjoyed from June 11th. The city’s most traditional real ale pub The Ship and Mitre, located on Dale Street at the heart of the city centre, is hosting an event which will not only see each match shown on the big screen during the tournament but will also see many of the world’s top beers going head-to-head in a “World Cup of Beer”. For any football fan who loves to enjoy a pint of the good stuff whilst simultaneously cheering on his (or her) favourite team then you can do no better than check it out during the tournament.

The Ship & Mitre has been an institution in the city for many years and has gained a well-earned reputation as the city’s finest supplier of British, German and Belgian beer and the proof is there for anybody to see when you see the host of awards that the pub has achieved in the last few years. This is further enhanced by the fantastic selection of beers that will be available throughout the four week duration of the FIFA World Cup tournament.

There are thirty-one different beers on the list with most of them coming from the country they represent on the list, whereas in the case that a beer couldn’t be obtained from a particular country a replacement from (usually) a neighbouring state would suffice. For England supporters there is a beer that has been especially brewed for the Ship & Mitre from the Hornbeam brewery called Three Lions which is available at the very novel price of £1.966 a pint!! For fans of non-UK beer there are plenty of famous names such as San Miguel, Becks, Brahma, Quilmes and Castle Lager available whilst some lesser known ales (e.g. Little Creatures, Modelo Especial, Tsingtao) will also be on sale in order to provide a truly international flavour to proceedings. On matchdays you can buy five bottles of beer from a competing nation for just £10, a bargain by any stretch of the imagination. Even when the footie’s not on you can still get four bottles for the same price so the deals are truly amazing and in keeping with the pub’s reputation for quality ale, a selection of which you can see on the photo below:

Beers from all corners of the globe are available during the World Cup tournament

Liverpool, whose slogan is “The World in One City”, now gives to you The World in One Pub. If you’re in the city during the tournament check it out, sample any of the beers on the list below (countries in brackets are replacement beers where no appropriate brew could be found for a particular nation) and cheer your favourite country in style:

Algeria = Skol

Argentina = Quilmes

Australia = Little Creatures

Brazil = Brahma

Cameroon = Savana Cider (S.Africa)

Chile = Chili flavoured beer (USA)

Denmark = Tuborg

England = Hornbeam Three Lions

France = Kasteel Cru

Germany = Beck’s

Ghana = Casablanca (Morocco)

Greece = Mythos

Honduras = Red Stripe (Jamaica)

Italy = Peroni

Ivory Coast = Windhoek (Namibia)

Japan = Asahi

Mexico = Modelo Especial

Netherlands = Grolsch

New Zealand = Stein Lager

Nigeria = Tusker

North Korea = Tsingtao (China)

Paraguay/Uruguay = Cusqueña (Peru)

Portugal = Sagres

Serbia = Stiegel Goldbräu (Austria)

Slovakia = Zlaty Bazant

Slovenia = Eggenberg Hopfen (Austria)

South Africa = Castle Lager

South Korea = Hite Max Prime

Spain =San Miguel

Switzerland = Hurliman Export

United States of America = Anchor Steam Beer